The PageTurners

Everything I thought I wanted, and most of needed to know, I found between the pages. Who I am as a prevention specialist, a veteran, a community activist, an older brother, a father, a husband, a family, a Black man, was a host of life happening and me emerging at different points in different ways.
What gave me language for what was happening, what I was experiencing, and who I was and am becoming? The pages. The pages give me language. The pages make things make sense. Come and turn life’s pages with me. See what you see in the world around you. See what you find in yourself.

The Pageturner is a podcast, hosted by Elgin Bailey. In each episode, I dissect and discuss a book. The book is selected each season by us and with us in mind. Each episode is 30-35 minutes in length, where I read the chosen text page by page, and provide commentary, interviews, and additional research along the way. Seasons comprises reading, insight, and perspective from each chapter. Books are chosen not simply because they are well written, or entertaining. No. The book must be relevant to the current state of Black folk across the diaspora and provide opportunities for political education. The mission of this highly engaging and informative podcast is to help listeners “pursue liberation through reading”.

The PageTurners Host:
Elgin Bailey

Born in Coatesville, raised in Philadelphia, PA, Norland “Elgin” Bailey is no stranger to facing giants. As the 4th child of 6, Elgin matriculated through Philadelphia School system for elementary and middle, and is a proud graduate of Coatesville Area Senior High School.

Immediately afterward, he served 4 years in the military, US Navy Branch as a communication technician. As an honorably discharged disabled veteran, he served his  community’s marginalized population ranging from juvenile sexual offenders facilities, to their homeless shelters, while giving back through educational and communal settings.

Through speaking, protesting, organizing, and intentionally curating prophetic spaces, calling truth to power, Elgin is one of the founding members of the Robert Chadwick Group, in honor of his brother “Chad”.  After years of serving his community, Elgin decided to pursue higher education, and is currently obtaining the first of many degrees in  behavioral mental health counseling, and psychology.

Currently as a prevention specialist, specializing in drugs/alcohol in the homeless community, Elgin is a proud husband, father of 4 beautiful daughters, a podcaster, a “dabbler” in the culinary arts, a speaker, a friend, and committed to the well-being of the Black collective. Elgin lives by the mantra of the famous Frederick Douglas quote stating “without struggle, there is no progress.”

Season 4 - The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power, by Jared A. Ball​

Season 1 - Black Theology and Black Power, by Dr. James H. Cone​