The PageTurners: 53 – The Conclusion Of #MOBP

This is the conclusion of Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying.

Standout quote…..”The meaning of power
must be reclaimed and understood, not as resulting from consumption,
but as organized, collective, and mass political action.”

Next week I am going to begin “The Revolution will not be funded: The Non-Profit Industrial Complex”

Once a month I will do a bonus audio episode of “We do this till we free us”.

Produced, edited, and hosted by Elgin Bailey
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The Host - Elgin Bailey

Through speaking, protesting, organizing, and intentionally curating prophetic spaces, calling truth to power, Elgin is one of the founding members of the Robert Chadwick Group, in honor of his brother “Chad”.  After years of serving his community, Elgin decided to pursue higher education, and is currently obtaining the first of many degrees in  behavioral mental health counseling, and psychology.

Currently as a prevention specialist, specializing in drugs/alcohol in the homeless community, Elgin is a proud husband, father of 4 beautiful daughters, a podcaster, a “dabbler” in the culinary arts, a speaker, a friend, and committed to the well-being of the Black collective. Elgin lives by the mantra of the famous Frederick Douglas quote stating “without struggle, there is no progress.”

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