How to Build your Parenting Village

In episode 18 of Life After Baby, my guest is Erica Desper, the founder of Confident Parenting. She offers sleep solutions and potty training support to families in and around the Greater Philadelphia. Confident Parenting is a network of resources providing education and support for the challenges growing families face including sleep deprivation, postpartum mood issues, and overwhelm. We chatted about when it is time to bring in an expert, what to look for in vendors, and why your village is so essential.

how to build a parenting village

Show Mentions and Topics:

  • When it is time to bring in a parenting expert
  • How to find the right help
  • Why you need a parenting village
  • What to look for in a vendor
  • The Baby Sleep Site: There’s a lot of good if you want schedules and charts and, you know, explanations of the four-month sleep regression, I think that’s a really great resource
  • “Good Night, Sleep Tight”: She’s the one who originally trained and mentored me. Well, she has a very gentle approach and then, a middle ground option, if gentle doesn’t fit your child.
  • Oh Crap! Potty Training Book”: The approach that I help families coach their child through it just is, it really makes sense in terms of how we approach it in our minds. And it really makes sense also in terms of how you present the process to your child, and I think it helps parents avoid a lot of the common obstacles to successfully potty training.
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