What is the Perpetual Foreigner Myth?

In this pilot episode of the SituAsian Room, co-hosts Emilie and Zach introduce themselves and this new podcast that goes on a journey to explore Asian America! Together, they make awareness of the George Floyd incident and the existing problems that are caused by white supremacy. The main topic of the episode discusses the perpetual foreigner stereotype, the history behind it, events, and the experiences caused by the perpetual foreigner stereotype. Finally, Emilie and Zach introduce the segment “Dish It Out” and talk about some of their favorite foods.

Key Topics of the Episode:

  • George Floyd & White Supremacy Awareness Statement
  • Introducing the SituAsian Room!
  • The Perpetual Foreigner SituAsian
  • Dish It Out – Foodie Segment

What is the Perpetual Foreigner Myth? The @situasian_room explains that and also explores #AsianAmerican life. #aapi Click To Tweet
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Two young Asian Americans, Emilie and Zach, explore the issues inside the Asian American Pacific Islander community to bring awareness and education of AAPI topics and culture.

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