2020 Republican Docket – Chester County Nominees

2020 is the kind of year entire history books will be written about – month after month of unprecedented events. And yet, in a larger sense, many things haven’t changed. Local political elections- while perhaps more difficult to vote in, and certainly with higher stakes-  fall mostly onto that second list. As we all know, despite the buzz around national elections, local elections actually have the largest impact on our daily lives.

Statewide Offices

Attorney General

Challenging the Democratic incumbent for State Attorney General is Heather Heidelbaugh. Running on her long history as a hardworking courtroom lawyer and as a career party politician, she has served Pennsylvania in several roles. Her philanthropic pursuits and faith help steer her common-sense public policy, fiscal conservatism, and drive her passion for serving the citizens of her state. Her campaign website, here, has more information about her policy.

Auditor General

Timothy Defoor is running this year for State Auditor General. A long-time public servant with a history as a fiscal watchdog, and over 25 years of combined experience in law enforcement and auditing, in both public and private sectors, Mr. Defoor plans to bring this long history to the role of Auditor General in service to the citizens of PA. View his campaign website here for more information. 


Treasurer of pa

Stacy Garrity is running for State Treasurer this election season. An Army veteran who served three tours, earning two Bronze Stars for exceptional service, and the Legion of Merit, she retired from the Army Reserve as a colonel. A businesswoman with a degree in finance and economics, she worked as a cost accountant, and now serves as a trustee of Guthrie Hospital. Her website is linked here.

Nationwide Offices

John Emmons is running against the incumbent Chrissy Houlahan for the U.S. House’s 6th Congressional District seat. With a business background, Mr. Emmons’ political convictions stem from concern for the future, individual rights, and opposition to federal bureaucracy. His webpage can tell you more about his journey. 

Pennsylvania Senate

Tom Killion, campaigning for the PA 9th Senatorial District, has a history of common sense solutions for the good of his community. Extensive volunteer service reveals his deep interest in his community, as he serves on over 20 non-profits, organizations, and government agencies. Find his campaign page here.

Kevin Runey is running against West Chester’s own Carolyn Comitta for the soon-to-be-vacant 19th district State Senate seat. Involved in youth organizations, his childrens’ activities, and his parish, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, he hopes to work to improve Chester County for his sons. He has worked in healthcare and biomedical sciences, and currently serves as a Township Supervisor in London Grove Township. See his website here.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Tim Hennessey has served as the representative of the State House 26th District since 1993. Mr. Hennessey has certainly been busy during his tenure as The Republican Chairman of the Transportation Committee, a property tax relief advocate, and an education reform advocate. Mr. Hennessey also chairs the Steel and Irish caucuses and dedicates time to the Local Tax Reform, Firefighters and Emergency Services and Solid Waste caucuses. His personal background and more details on his political past are available here, on his website.

Dale Hensel is running to represent the 7th district in the PA State House. Former chairman of the Sadsbury Township Board of Supervisors, Parks and Recreation board member, and member of the Republican Committee, Mr. Hensel is also the owner and operator of Hensel’s Mower Service, and a graduate of Coatesville Technical Trade School. While Mr. Hensel does not have a website, you can find his campaign on Facebook. 

Len Iacono, competing with West Chester’s Mayor Diane Herrin, is running for the PA House representative of the 156th District.  Mr. Iacono is an Army vet, realtor, volunteer, a lector and usher at his parish. He served as a board member of the Pro-Life Union of PA and the president of the Chester County Pro-Life Coalition for three years. A life-long republican, Mr. Iacono was elected an Auditor of West Goshen Township in 2015, and still holds that position. His campaign website, linked here, contains information about his race for elected office.

John Lawrence was elected to the PA State House 13th District in 2010 with a commitment to common-sense reform. Outspoken for government reform, he aims to reduce government services and eliminate government waste; Mr. Lawrence is a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility. Much of his work in the House has been focused on financial reforms and debt management, as well as the protection of domestic violence victims. For more information on his past policy and future plans, visit his campaign site here.

Wendy Leland, running for the 167th District seat, had a 32-year National Guard/Army Reserves career, worked at the Pentagon after retiring as a colonel, worked on Capitol Hill as a staffer. She joined her local planning committees when she moved to Malvern. An active member of her church and a mission-trip proponent, she volunteers much of her time to her parish. She has traveled the nation instructing students on social intelligence skills. Her campaign site is linked here

Eric Roe, is running in the 158th District against incumbent, Rep. Christina Sappey. A free market and small government advocate, Mr. Roe has fought for the economy, the job market, and tax relief programs. With experience in the private sector, nonprofit, and public service and a background in history and political science, he has served as the Administrative Analyst for Chester County Commissioner Michelle Kichline, worked as Special Assistant at The Chertoff Group, and worked for various non-profits focused on fiscal responsibility and free-market preservation. To learn more about his personal background or his campaign, view his website here.

Michael T. Taylor, running for the State House’s 155th district, was an injury lawyer, who also volunteered his time to provide legal representation to vulnerable children. Later, he served as hearing officer for the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for six years and continued to volunteer his legal services and time to his childrens’ sports leagues. He is looking to represent all the people and communities within his district by carefully studying the issues at hand and providing rational leadership. His campaign site, here, has more information. 

Bryan Walters, a life-long Chester County resident, aims to represent the 157th District in the PA State House. Having previously served as an elected Township Supervisor in Schuylkill Township, Sadsbury Township Manager, and the three-time Prothonotary of Chester County, Mr. Walters aims to use his business experience and public service history to serve his district. Find his website here

Craig Williams is running to represent the 160th District in the PA State House of Representatives. As a Marine Corps veteran-retiring after 28 years as a colonel-, a law school graduate, and chief prosecutor for the largest Marine Corps base, he serves as Deputy Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with an emphasis on Ethics and Detainee issues in federal court. Mr. Williams also served as a federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice and was a prosecutor for the Joint Terrorism Task Force. His campaign site has more information. 

More Resources: 

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Photos Courtesy of Ballotpedia, Dale Hensel, Len Iacono, Michael Taylor, Bryan Walters, Craig Williams

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